Links - Exactly what it says..a really cool americana site back in the old country. - Australian Music Foundation Inc. - Australian Recording Industry Assocn. Organisation promoting original acoustic music. - Australian Copyright Council- advice & more on copyright issues. - what it says..strictly country. -i nfo on Contemporary Music Touring Program etc. - Folk Alliance Australia -IMMEDIA!  home of the Australian Music Industry Directory & more - Coolest little label in Australia. Something for everyone! - Music Council Australia - links to arts & training -Australian digital download site. - PPCA site Sydney Acoustica Movement -best Australian indie label they say. -more from Australia's Country Music capital. - all you need to know about the Australian country scene,
including feature pages & regular updates on artists. -together with Club Acoustica, part of Sydney Acoustica Movement. -Australian Songwriters Association.

Now for the importance stuff- get informed/get involved: